Mastering the Art of Pour Over Coffee: Your Ultimate Pour Over Guide from Love Preferred Coffee Co. Roasters is here! Do you crave the rich and aromatic experience of specialty coffee? Ready to embark on a journey into the world of artisanal, locally roasted coffee? You’re in the right place. Join us at Love Preferred Coffee roasters in Portland, Oregon, a coffee delivery roasting company, as we unlock the secrets of preparing a perfect pour over coffee – the gateway to a gourmet coffee experience right in your own home.

Pour Over Coffee: A Specialty Coffee Lover’s Dream

At Love Preferred Coffee, we’re passionate about delivering exceptional coffee right to your doorstep. We’re your go-to source for locally roasted coffee in Portland, OR, and we’re here to guide you through the super fun and artful process of preparing a sensational pour over with our pour over guide. For pour overs, our Summit Coffee from Colombian producer, Luis Carlos Ortiz, is perfect for a pour over recipe. Learn about Summit here.

And we love Hario for some awesome pour over kits.  Also, you can get a super nice set up with Chemex.

Pour Over by Love Preferred Coffee with Chemex


The Magic Ratio: 1:16

Let’s start with the basics – coffee bean quality and the perfect ratio. To brew a cup of pour over coffee that captures the essence of specialty coffee, it’s crucial to use the correct amount of coffee and water. For every gram of coffee, employ a 1:16 ratio, which translates to 16-18 grams of coffee per 250-288 grams (or milliliters) of water. This is our suggestion, but you can absolutely play with these ratios to find your perfect cup.

Best Whole Bean Coffee by Love Preferred Coffee Co.


Where to Begin: Coffee Grind and Freshness

The journey begins with the coffee beans themselves. For a pour over coffee, opt for a medium grind. Why? A medium grind strikes the perfect balance between the rapid extraction of finer grinds and the longer brew time of coarser grinds. It’s the sweet spot where all the flavors and aromas are extracted harmoniously.

As you start your quest for a delicious pour over coffee, never underestimate the importance of freshly roasted coffee beans. When you choose locally roasted coffee, you’re ensuring your coffee is as fresh as it gets. Love Preferred Coffee is among the finest coffee roasters in the country, and we take pride in delivering the most amazing and freshly roasted Colombian coffee directly to your door. We’d love to be your premium and specialty coffee provider.

In addition to providing you with amazing beans, we also are proud to say that our Farmer Dividend Coffee™️ gives back to our hardworking farmers, 2% of all our revenues, plus 100% of all online customer tips. We’re very proud of this, as a purpose driven coffee company!

The Art of the Pour Over

1. Boiling Point: Begin by boiling your water. Allow it to cool for approximately 30 seconds to reach an ideal brewing temperature of around 200°F (93-94°C).

2. Rinse the Filter: Place your pour over coffee maker atop your coffee mug or a carafe. Rinse the paper filter with hot water; this step ensures your coffee won’t have any “papery” taste. Some filters don’t require this, so make sure you know which filters you’re using.

3. Coffee Grounds: Add your 16-18 grams of medium grind coffee into the rinsed filter.

4. The Bloom: Gently pour enough water (about 30-40 grams) over the coffee grounds to wet them evenly. Allow the coffee to “bloom” for 30 seconds. This step releases carbon dioxide, ensuring optimal flavor extraction.

5. The Pour: Gradually pour the remaining water (about 220-250 grams) in a spiral motion over the coffee grounds. Take your time; this should take around 2-2.5 minutes. Try to divide your pours in four different steps, taking a pause between pours. We suggest:

  1. a pour of 60 gm of water first (the bloom pour), followed by a 30 second pause,
  2. then for your second pour, add enough water to reach 150 gm of water and pause for 30 seconds,
  3. then add enough water to reach 250 gm of water and then pause for 30 seconds.
  4. finally, add enough water to reach 350 gm and them pause for 20 seconds

Our pour over timer tool in our Love Preferred Coffee app can help you with this process. You can download the app by scanning the following QR code:

6. Savor the Moment: Allow the remaining water to drip through the coffee grounds, completing the pour over process in approximately 3-4 minutes.

Chemex with Love Preferred Coffee Co. Pour Over Guide.

Another Reminder 🙂 – A Tool for the Perfect Pour Over: Love Preferred Coffee App

The journey to the perfect pour over just got more accessible. With Love Preferred Coffee’s handy app and pour over guide, available for download from the Apple and Google Play App Stores, you’ll have an intuitive Pour Over Coffee Tool at your fingertips. Now you can precisely calculate the amount of coffee and water for a flawless brew. You can even scan the QR code mentioned above, to access this indispensable tool.

Gourmet Coffee at Your Fingertips

There you have it – a journey from quality coffee beans to your cup. It’s a process that our coffee roasting team in Portland, OR, at Love Preferred Coffee cherish and perfect. As you embark on your journey into the world of pour over coffee, remember that you have a team of artisanal, locally roasted coffee experts by your side.

By following these steps, you’re setting the stage for a memorable coffee experience. Savor every moment of your specialty coffee from Colombia, brewed to perfection, and enjoy the delightful aromas and flavors that await you in every cup.

Experience the true essence of gourmet coffee from Colombia with Love Preferred Coffee’s pour over method. Your cup of perfection is just a few steps away!

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