Love Preferred Coffee Co. offers exceptional coffee from small & medium independent farmers in Colombia. Our Farmer Dividend Coffee™ program fosters sustainable relationships, empowering farmers & supporting a brighter future. Join us for premium coffee with a purpose.

Our commitment to sustainability and fair compensation is reflected in our unique Farmer Dividend Coffee™ program.

Thorough Coffee Selection Process

At Love Preferred Coffee Co., we go to great lengths to source the best coffee from Colombia. We begin by handpicking exceptional producers across the country, forging partnerships based on shared values and a commitment to quality.

Working with top cuppers in Colombia, we subject each coffee to meticulous cupping and rating. This expert evaluation considers flavor, aroma, acidity, and overall quality. Only the highest caliber beans progress to the next stage.

Once the sample lot of beans arrives in Portland, Oregon, our dedicated team conducts a comprehensive quality inspection, assessing appearance, and consistency. Any beans that fall short of our strict standards are set aside, ensuring that only the best make it into your cup.

In the final cupping session, we make the definitive selection of beans that embody the Love Preferred Coffee Co. name. This ensures that every sip delivers an extraordinary coffee experience, meticulously crafted for your enjoyment.

we believe in the power of innovation.

Our augmented reality experiences and educational resources allow you to explore the journey of your coffee from bean to cup, learning about our farmers and their farms, brewing techniques, roasting profiles, and tasting notes.

Download our Love Preferred Coffee Co. app to learn about our coffee farms, our coffee, and even watch an AR tutorial of how to prepare your coffee with a pour over method (our preferred preparation method).

Pour Over by Love Preferred Coffee with Chemex


Our simple, convenient coffee subscription service ensures that you can enjoy our exceptional coffee delivered straight to your door on a biweekly or monthly basis.

Choose Love Preferred Coffee Co. for a truly exceptional coffee experience that makes a difference in the lives of Colombian farmers. Join us in our mission to support small and medium independent farmers, and to create a more equitable coffee industry for everyone.

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