What is Micro Lot Coffee?

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What is Micro Lot Coffee?

Micro lot coffee has become a beacon of excellence in the world of specialty coffee, captivating the taste buds of coffee aficionados worldwide. But what exactly defines micro lot coffee, and why is it garnering so much attention? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deeper into the intricacies of micro lot coffee, exploring its origins, characteristics, and the profound impact it has on the coffee industry.

At its core, micro lot coffee embodies precision, quality, and exclusivity. Unlike mass-produced coffee, which often blends beans from various regions or even countries, micro lot coffee represents small, meticulously curated batches of beans sourced from specific sections of a coffee farm or from a single producer. This focused approach allows for unparalleled control over every aspect of the coffee-growing process, from cultivation to harvesting and processing, resulting in a product of exceptional quality and distinctiveness.

The rise of micro lot coffee can be traced back to the burgeoning specialty coffee movement, which emerged in the late 20th century in response to the commoditization of coffee and the desire for higher quality and more ethically sourced beans. Coffee farmers, particularly in regions renowned for their coffee cultivation, such as Colombia, Ethiopia, and Kenya, began to explore innovative farming practices and processing techniques to elevate the quality of their beans. This led to the emergence of micro lot coffee as a niche market segment catering to discerning coffee enthusiasts seeking unique and flavorful brews.

What sets micro lot coffee apart is its exceptional quality, nuanced flavor profile, and limited availability. Because micro lots are carefully managed and harvested, they often exhibit a complexity of flavors and aromas that reflect the unique terroir, varietal, and processing methods employed. From vibrant fruity notes to delicate floral undertones and rich chocolatey finishes, micro lot coffees offer a sensory journey that tantalizes the palate and delights the senses.

Colombia, with its diverse microclimates, fertile soils, and rich coffee heritage, has emerged as a leading producer of micro lot coffee. Colombian coffee farmers, many of whom are small-scale producers known as “caficultores,” take pride in cultivating unique varietals and processing methods to create exceptional micro lot coffees. From the misty highlands of Huila to the lush valleys of Antioquia, each region of Colombia offers its own distinct flavor profile, shaped by its altitude, soil composition, and microclimate. By supporting Colombian micro lot coffee, consumers not only enjoy premium-quality coffee but also contribute to the livelihoods of local coffee farming communities, fostering sustainability and economic empowerment. Here’s one of our coffees which is an amazing micro lot coffee from Nariño, Colombia: our Summit Coffee by Kenedy Lopez.

At Love Preferred Coffee Co., we’re passionate about showcasing the finest Colombian micro lot coffees and connecting coffee lovers with the rich tapestry of flavors and stories that define them. Our collection features a curated selection of micro lot coffees sourced directly from Colombian coffee farmers who share our commitment to quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. From the velvety smoothness of a washed Tabi varietal to the vibrant floral notes of a natural Geisha, each coffee in our collection tells a unique story of terroir, craftsmanship, and passion. Explore our range of Colombian micro lot coffees and embark on a journey that celebrates the artistry and diversity of specialty coffee.

Micro lot coffee represents the pinnacle of excellence in the coffee industry, offering a sensorial experience that transcends ordinary coffee consumption. By embracing micro lot coffee, consumers not only elevate their coffee experience but also support the efforts of coffee farmers around the world, including those in Colombia, who work tirelessly to cultivate exceptional beans that captivate the senses and nourish the soul. Join us at Love Preferred Coffee Co. as we celebrate the artistry, diversity, and sustainability of micro lot coffee and embark on a journey of discovery, one cup at a time.

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Our story is rooted in our Colombian heritage.

This topographical variation nurtures an array of microclimates that contribute to the incredible range of flavors found in Colombian coffee.

Our coffees undergo a meticulous selection process, led by Colombia’s top female cupper and our experienced quality team with generational expertise.


“Received a bag as a gift from my nephew and I was hooked. Im a bit of a coffee “snob” and like to drink my coffee black without anything added to see how the basic roast tastes. I find this roast to be rich and flavorful plus quite aromatic. I love it! I enjoyed the gift so much i went ahead and ordered a couple more bags from LPC. And im sure ill be ordering more in the future. Thank you for this wonderful coffee!”

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